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Business overdraft

Arrange a financial reserve for your business. You can use it at any time, for anything and repeatedly.

The basic interest rate starts at 12 % for the EUR overdraft and 15 % for the CZK overdraft. If the drawdown goes smoothly, it decreases by one percentage point each year to 7 % for the EUR overdraft and 10.5 % for the CZK overdraft.

Advantageous banded interest rate - the part of the loan above EUR 10 000 bears interest at the base rate of 10 %, with the possibility to reduce the interest up to 5 %. The part of the loan above CZK 300,000 bears interest at the base rate of 13 %, with the possibility to reduce the interest up to 8.5 %.

The business overdraft is completely fee-free and can be obtained by new applicants and existing clients.

The business overdraft is intended for natural persons - entrepreneurs and legal entities.

We offer our clients a personal overdraft, at three different rates.

You can add a financial reserve for anything! You can also choose from four rates.

Benefits of a business overdraft

  • Establishment and management of the loan is free of charge
  • You get the money whenever you need it
  • You can use it for any purpose
  • When repaid properly the interest rate starts at 7 % (EUR)
  • Part of the loan over EUR 10 000 with interest from 5 %
  • You pay the interest only from the borrowed amount
  • You can borrow from EUR 200 to 220 000
  • Loans from CZK 5 000 to 6 000 000 also available
  • For a business account


Discount for proper repayment

For each year of smooth compliance with the overdraft agreement, we will reduce your interest rate by 5 % for EUR loans and by 4.5 % for CZK loans. You can thus get up to an interest rate of 7 % for loans in EUR and 10.5 % for loans in CZK. For the part of the loan above EUR 10,000 / CZK 300,000, you can get a rate even 2 % lower.

Clients who have been using their overdraft at Fio banka for at least one year can also get a discount on the interest rate.

Overdraft interest rates in EUR

loan part up to 10 000 EURover 10 000 EUR
Annual interest12,00 %10,00 %

Overdraft interest rates in CZK

loan part up to 300 000 CZKover 300 000 CZK
Annual interest15,00 %13,00 %

How to get our business overdraft

If you have a Fio business account with regular deposits (earnings), you can apply for a business overdraft at any branch. As soon as we review your request, we will inform you of the result.

If your application is approved, you will need to sign an overdraft loan agreement.

If you are applying for an overdraft as a natural person (entrepreneur) or as a legal entity, you will need to sign the loan agreement exclusively at a branch. In case of legal entities, the overdraft agreement must be co-signed by a natural person.

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