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Payment cards

A credit card provides a convenient and secure way to pay for goods and services without having to constantly wear you needed a cash. Payment card you can use not only for cash withdrawals from ATMs, but also at the tills of supermarkets (Cashback).

  • All card payments Fio banka are without charges.
    You can take advantage of first choice in the month free from any ATM in the world.

Service Cashback allows free to ask for cash on purchases at over € 5 at the same cash register where you pay. Maximum height of selection is 50 euros, the minimum is not set.

Fio banka's number for announcing the loss or theft of a card: +421 220 850 410

Please note: If you plan to travel abroad, where you will use your payment card, please inform us via Fio service or at any of our branches about the date of travel and the destination in which you will be located, in order to avoid any possible blocking of the payment card.


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