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MasterCard Debit Contactless

This non-contact embossed payment card is valid worldwide.

  • can be used for cash withdrawals from ATMs
  • to pay for goods and services at all retailers who display the MasterCard logo
  • to pay for goods and services online

MasterCard Contactless technology allows for fast and convenient card payments for small amounts (up to € 20) without the need to insert the card into a reader, enter a PIN or sign the receipt.

Benefits of MasterCard Debit Contactless

  • The card is free
  • All payment card payments free
  • The card is valid for 4 years
  • A MasterCard Debit card is an embossed card
  • First withdrawals in month from any ATMs - free
  • Electronic changes to payment card limits - free
  • CashBack service - free
  • Payment card PIN codes can be changed using Internet banking

How non-contact payment works

  1. First you have to determine if a retailer is equipped with PayPass/Contactless compatible equipment. Non-contact payment can take place at all domestic and international retailers who display a symbol for non-contact payment cards:paypass
  2. A card with PayPass/Contactless technology must be placed close to the sensor, which is marked with a non-contact payment symbol.
  3. Information on the card is read after an acoustic signal sounds, and some sensors indicate that payment has been approved.
  4. The retailer will then provide you with a receipt.

Conditions and procedure to receive a payment card

A card can be connected to your current or savings account in EUR and CZK. You can have multiple payment cards for multiple cardholders who do not need their own Fio banka accounts. The account connected to an issued card cannot be cancelled for the validity of the payment card.

Do you want a MasterCard Debit Contactless payment card?

Open a Fio banka account - more information.



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