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Czech-Slovak Payments

Do you do business in the Czech Republic or are you a student who occasionally receives pocket money via a non-cash transfer from a Czech bank? Fio banka lets you send and receive funds without any fees!

Thanks to our unique system featuring two bank codes, these payments are sent quickly and easily while saving counter-party costs as payment is the same as a domestic payment and at much lower rates than an international transfer.

  • Credits in CZK from the Czech Republic - free.
  • Debits in CZK to the Czech Republic - free.
  • Standing orders on CZK accounts - free.
  • Payments sent to CZK accounts - without exchange.
  • Payments sent to EUR accounts - with conversion.

A guide for free payments (CZE - SVK) can be found in the manual.

Do you want free payments for Slovakia?

Open an account at Fio banka - more information.


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