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The Warsaw Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in Central Europe. More than 380 companies are listed and the exchange is characterized by high liquidity and a number of IPOs. Securities are quoted on the main and parallel markets. Settlement is T+2.

The WIG index is the summary index for the market. WIG30 includes 30 of the largest and most liquid companies quoted on the main market.

The minimum trade fee is PLN 15.

Warsaw Stock Exchange - WSE

Structure of fees

A single fee including brokerage services and settlement of the trade on the market is charged for trades on the Polish market. A separate fee is charged for placing an order that is not placed using e-Broker. The amount of a fee depends on the financial volume fo the trade.

  • Orders can be placed for free using the e-Broker application.
  • Minimum trade fee is PLN 15.
  • Find the complete Pricelist for services here.

How to start trading?

We provide trading in Poland according to common commission contract and other documents required by the market regulator. Our staff at our branches will be pleased to answer your questions about signing the commission contract.

Legislation GPW

Trading rules, smart instructions, technical conditions and more information can be found here.

How to become a Fio client?

How to become a client - more information here.


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