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Term Deposit with Renewal

Term deposits offer higher yields on the deposited funds over a pre-determined period. Term deposits with a fixed term and regular renewal automatically renew the term deposit under the conditions valid at the renewal date unless the depositor wants to close the account. All deposits and withdrawals are completed on the renewal date.

Benefits of Fio term deposits

  • Above-standard returns on deposited funds.
  • Deposits are legally insured.
  • Account management - free.
  • Simple control using Internetbanking.

Fio term deposits deliver superior value with zero risk!

How to set up a term deposit?

If you are a Fio banka client and have Internetbanking with electronic account administration active you can create your own term deposits online. Another option is to visit any of our bank branches.

Do you want higher returns? Start investing - How?

Interest conditions

- The minimum deposit account balance is CZK 3,000.
- Interest rates are per annum (p.a.). These rates are fixed for physical persons and are declared for legal entities (term deposits for legal entities with fixed rates are treated individually).

- Premature withdrawals from a term deposit with renewal is allowed but is subject to the penalty interest rate. The penalty is set as Valid interest rate x (number of days to maturity / 365); however the minimum charge is CZK 1,000.
- Characteristics of the individual types of accounts and possible handling of such accounts are shown in the valid Commercial Terms and Conditions for Opening and Managing Accounts.
- Deposits are insured up to 100% of the balance up to a maximum of €100,000 pursuant to Act No. 21/1992 Coll.

TermThe interest rate
1 week0,06 %0,09 %0,11 %
2 weeks0,06 %0,09 %0,11 %
1 month0,06 %0,09 %0,11 %
2 months0,07 %0,10 %0,12 %
3 months0,08 %0,11 %0,13 %
6 months0,09 %0,12 %0,14 %
9 months0,10 %0,13 %0,15 %
12 months0,12 %0,15 %0,17 %
24 months0,15 %0,18 %0,20 %
36 months0,25 %0,28 %0,30 %
48 months0,35 %0,38 %0,40 %
60 months0,40 %0,43 %0,45 %

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