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Are you looking for an overview of your portfolio that is available anywhere and anytime? Does trading open in the USA at the same time you are travelling away from home and you only have your smartphone with you?

Fio banka has developed a native application just for you - Smartbroker!

Follow the action on the securities markets in the Czech Republic and abroad with the Smartbroker application. Thanks to Smartbroker you can use your telephone to control your trading account, review your transaction history, place orders to buy and sell securities, read the latest news from the market, change application settings, find your closest branch or calculate trading fees just to see that Fio banka's are one of the lowest.

Advantages of the Smartbroker application

  • Native application for smartphones and tablets.
  • Quick, modern and easy portfolio access.
  • Comfortable and intuitive controls.
  • Rates and graphs are accessible without logging in.
  • The latest news from the market.
  • Read-only access is permitted.
  • Download and use are completely FREE!

What is included?

  • Lists of securities.
  • Rates, graphs and other information.
  • Ability to buy and sell securities*.
  • Intelligent orders and other orders*.
  • Your portfolio of securities*.
  • Account balances*.
  • Pending orders and completed trades*.
  • Margin trading information*.
  • News with filtering options.
  • Exchange rates for foreign currency operations.
  • Alerts, Fio service, bank reports*.
  • Overview of branches and other contact details.
  • Ability to use a test demo version.

* - Only provided after logging in to the secure section of the application.

What can be traded?

  • Stocks.
  • Certificates.
  • ETF, ETC, ETN.

Where can I trade?

  • Czech Republic - BCPP and RM-SYSTÉM, česká burza cenných papírů.
  • Germany - Deutsche Börse.
  • USA - NYSE, NASDAQ, OTC BB, Pink Sheet.

How to get the Smartbroker application

You can download the application to your smartphone or tablet from AppStore and then install the program.

Google Play does not currently allow people with newer versions of Android to download the app. We are working intensively on the next generation of Smartbroker, which will replace the current version and offer you a full experience for your investing.

  • If you are a Fio banka client and you have your own trading account, you are provided with access to the secure section of the application using the global settings section of your e-Broker application, where you can select a login password and set up additional parameters as you need.
  • If you are not a Fio banka client and you do not have your own trading account, you can use the basic functions including displaying the price of any security selected and market news. You must have a user name and password in order to gain access to the secured section of the application. In the settings section of the application, you can set up the demo version to gain access to the secure section of the application.

Safety warning for Android users:

  • Use the link provided on this page to download the application.
  • Fio banka does not recommend downloading the application from any other marketplace or page.

Technical support:

Are you still not a Fio banka client and want access to the application? Visit any one of our branches. How?


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